High Country Fungi

High Country Fungi

4716 S US Hwy 19E, Plumtree, NC 28654
At High Country Fungi we specialize in Indoor and outdoor cultivation of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. We are suppliers of top quality cultures, spawn, and fresh/dried fruit bodies. We cultivate Oyster, Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, Black Poplar, Reishi, Maitake, and more. We are licensed foragers in 6 states and offer wild mushrooms when available. We also offer medicinal tinctures and spent substrate blocks for fungally activating your compost piles.

Our mission as a business is to demystify mushrooms. Little is known by the general public about the life cycle of mushrooms and the power they possess. We aim to inform those curious not only about how to grow and eat them, but also about the important role mycelium plays in our eco-systems and how intentional use of the Fungal Kingdom can help restore our Earth. Our goal is to pass on this information to where it is easily understood and applied all while supplying you with the highest quality product around.

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