Kindly Kitchen

Kindly Kitchen

659 W. King St. Suite 2, Boone, NC 28607

Our Mission is to serve as much locally grown food as possible.

It is important to us that we Highlight the local ingredients that we serve by making simple, beautiful and well-seasoned food. 

The Food:

gluten free
sugar free
dairy free
plant based, vegan

We serve local vegetables, fruit, & whatever is in season.  

Our menu changes every day. 

We make every single item that we serve, from the crunchy toppings to the ever-changing dressings.

We wanted a name that was truly Appalachian to honor the area and the food we serve. 

“Thank You Kindly,” something you hear often from the country locals, is a genuine expression of thanks.

Kindly Kitchen is located on the TOP FLOOR of Shoppes at Farmers!

We share the top floor of historical Shoppes at Farmers

with Neighborhood Yoga

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