Old Suthern Soul Farm

Old Suthern Soul Farm

345 Sutherland Rd., Creston, NC 28615
When the occasion calls for something above and beyond the ordinary, Old Suthern Soul Farm offers an unforgettable setting.  The warmth of the historic landscape, architecture and wide open spaces create the perfect canvas for any event! Whether it’s the wedding of your dreams, or the ultimate Christmas, graduation, engagement, birthday party, Old Suthern Soul Farm is where memories are made.

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Old Suthern Soul farm offers the finest landscape and accommodations for your much needed getaway, place to stay or spectacular event. It holds a magic and beauty of storybook quality. The greenest countryside with sweeping mountain views known to the locals as ‘Gods country.' It’s also the one-stop for all outdoor endeavors, from leisurely bike rides to rewarding hill hikes, from water activities to exhilarating cross country marathons, from backroad drives to paragliding it all takes part of scenic wonder.

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