High Country Local First was founded in 2011. A couple of local leaders decided to create a brand that embodies the essence of the High Country - freedom, adventure and community.

They had a special sweet spot for supporting our local food system as well, especially the farmers and restaurants bold enough to feature their local foods. 


In the past nine years the Earth has shifted, the country has shifted, the state has shifted and our High Country has certainly shifted as well. 

What hasn't changed is the drive that individuals have to live here in northwestern North Carolina, not because of a job or access to the best franchise businesses.


They stay here and hustle, to provide for their household and community. They are in love with this place and the way that it resonates with their heart and soul. We can all feel it when we are driving back home after a long journey.


That is the High Country, and a large part of that feeling has been crafted by the entrepreneurs that put everything on the line to start a business in this rural place.


Our Local First brand is being remodeled right now, but our mission remains the same - to support these rural entrepreneurs and enjoy the unmatched value they provide to us. 

Our local independent businesses are responsible for creating unbelievable, magical experiences, for families and individuals.


Here's to another 9 years of local independent commerce and a community that stands out from the rest - here's to the High Country.



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